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The other day I wanted to start fresh again and format my Windows 7 laptop to factory settings. I have the Recovery Partition built in. All I have to do is restart the computer and hit F11 at the boot-up screen.

I went to delete some space off the C: drive to create a backup partition. (Successful) I did this on Windows Vista before and the whole process went well. After creating the partition the colorful bars that is on top of the partitions turned into a different color.

When I restarted I had an error, something like this:

Error 0x000225 Could not start up windows

That is when I hit F11 to the recovery Screen. It starts up fine besides that. How can I fix this?

Laptop Specs:

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Partition Info: – kawohi Sep 11 '10 at 13:28
Please post your Make and Model of PC for more specific help on this issue, you broke the proprietary MBR when you modified the partitions. – Moab Sep 12 '10 at 20:59

You could try to run gparted off of a LiveCD or USB to format the drive or the non-recovery partition and then install Windows in the empty space.

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