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I started using the Firefox extension NoScript, but I'd like to allow all scripts by default, only one particular domain (google-analytics.com) should be blocked/blacklisted.

Is that possible? I could figure out only the other way around: It disables everything by default, but allows a few pages from a whitelist; but this behavior makes the web pretty unusable.

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NoScript allows blacklisting. Just select "Allow script globally (dangerous)", then use "Forbid google-analytics.com".

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I do not think NoScript allows you to blacklist.

If you click the NoScript icon in the bottom-right you can whitelist domains as you go. Just pop up the menu and click "allow" (not "temporarily allow"). There's also an "Allow all this page" option here as well.

This is the safest option, as you're protected against every domain you've not visited - instead of just one you're trying to blacklist; there's plenty of other tracking and malicious domains out there you probably want protection from as well.

Alternatively, check out the question Soft version of NoScript?, which offers some alternative options to achieve what you're after (but potentially without the security gains).

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