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I've got a collection of a few thousand images (scans of very old family photographs) created using the native format of Adobe PhotoDeluxe 3, and I'm trying to convert them into something more usable on modern machines. What programs exist for doing this? The format (with extension PDD) seems to be not commonly supported, and in my Googling for possible solutions it seems that most people who have images like this are really working with images produced by some version of Photoshop, which did not produce these.

In my searching I have found mention of:

  • Using a trial version of Photoshop
  • Using IrfanView
  • Using GIMP
  • Using XnView

Of these, IrfanView doesn't actually list PDD among the supported formats, so I suspect it is a bust. GIMP supports plugins, but I can't find whether there are any plugins for the format I've got to deal with. I can believe Photoshop would support this format (after all, it's by the same company that produced the originating software) and XnView actually lists the format (if a little unclearly). Are there others I should know about?

Other constraints:
I'd prefer there to be versions of the program for both Windows (ideally XP) and OSX, due to the fact that I want to also recommend the program to family members who have archival copies of the files, but it's not critical. I would also, because of the sheer number, prefer something that will do batch conversions; I still have the original software in working condition but conversion is slow with it and totally manual and I'd rather not commit a month of spare time to working on this!

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Use ImageConverter Plus

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After quite a while, I've returned to looking at this and I found a shareware package called Total Image Converter which does exactly what I want on Windows 7. In particular, it copes with the PDD format variation that my old scanned images are actually stored in (as opposed to other members of the cluster of Adobe formats under the same name!) and it can do bulk conversions without a separate automation tool. As a down-side, it does not appear to be available for other platforms, but I can at least now convert to something much more conventional like TIFF.

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