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I have a sheet that takes 10 input parameters and a whole bunch of caluculations.

Now I would like Excel to do the calculations on another array of input parameters, without having to copy the sheet.

Actually, I would like to be able to easily switch between different arrays of input parameters. Ideally, I can store these input parameters for all scenarios on a different sheet, and then select the desired on in the main sheet using a drop box.

Can somebody point me into the right direction? Does anybody know about an example for this?

Thank you! J.

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Your idea is fine for me. You can set up a table in an empty sheet where first column lists parameter meaningful names, and each one of the successive columns contains a different parameter value set. Then, on the "bunch calculation" sheet you set up a unique cell to choose a column of the table in the other sheet, and in the cells containing parameters you have to define a formula that using INDEX function retrieves the right value from the parameters table. So, changing the value of only one cell you realize istantly a whole different calculation without having to select a different sheet.

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You can use the INDIRECT() function.


Input1  111
Input2  222


Input1  42
Input2  43



Now Sheet3!A2 displays "333". If you change Sheet3!A1 to "Sheet2", then Sheet3!A2 will display "85". You can simplify your calculation formulas by not mixing in a whole bunch of INDIRECT() functions if you isolate them to an area on Sheet3 (or even its own sheet) and have your formulas only do their normal thing but referencing this intermediate area.

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