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Ok, this is just bizarre.

I have a single wifi access point in my house. My main computer, running Win7 Ultimate x64, can't seem to get to anywhere on the internet. I can ping my router, I can access my printer's setup web page, but I can't access the router's administration page.

A Windows Virtual PC VM (running Win 7 Ultimate x86) on this same physical machine, can get to the internet just fine. It can't get to my router's administration page, but it gets everywhere else ok.

Do I have goblins?

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Ended up completely resetting the router to factory settings, turning off DHCP, setting up everything by hand. Seems to be working...for now. :/ – Jonas Sep 12 '10 at 5:10

Perhaps the Gateway is wrong/missing in the x64 version? You could do ipconfig /all on both versions.

Regarding the router's administration page, perhaps it is set to not allow administration by wireless - try a direct connection by wire.

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Sounds like the internet gateway IP is wrong. I do this on purpose sometimes (as well as by accident :-)

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I ended up eventually buying a new router. I chalk this one up to the oddities of the Linksys WRT110. :)

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