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I like the features and functionality of the new Nightly firefox builds (4.0) but I don't want to install it beside my firefox installation on Ubuntu which is the default and only browser on the system.

Is there any way that I can just replace the files from the stock firefox 3.6 to the nightly 4.0?


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Add the Mozilla Daily PPA to your sources, update, and install the following packages:


Remove the analogous installed non-4.0 firefox packages. It will show up as Minefield 4.0 Web Browser in your applications menu.

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Thanks, I actually did find out about this method just a little while ago, thanks again. – Sandeep Bansal Sep 13 '10 at 12:34

Do you mean that you want to copy your firefox 3.6 profile to firefox 4 (i.e. keep all your settings, bookmarks, addons,etc.)?

If that is what you want to do this should help: Video of how to backup and restore your profiles in Ubuntu. (In short use the FEBE addon/extension in FF, if that doesn't work just copy your profile folder and paste it from the same place in the newer version you copied it from)

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No I don't really care about the profiles, the actual binary firefox files, I want them replaced with the new latest ones, from the nightly trunk. I can download the nightly build but would a simple overwrite on the default firefox ones work? – Sandeep Bansal Sep 12 '10 at 22:34

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