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I want to edit a file using Notepad++, in such a way that I can copy(replicate) a line containing a specific word with some minor changes --

Example -- if the file has --


I want to change it to


Im talking about a file with a huge number of entries. Any idead on how this can be done using Notepad++ ?

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voting to close - you could easily use Copy/Paste? – t0mm13b Sep 13 '10 at 0:54

Ctrl + H for search and replace:

        alt text

Then, Select All Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + Shift + U.

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This can be done with a regex find and replace

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  1. Replace (Ctrl-H)

  2. Select "Regular expression" in "Search Mode"

  3. Find what: (.*)
    Replace with: \1\r\n\1_END

  4. Replace All (with In selection not ticked)

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