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I'm a student and I often find myself opening lecture notes (in PPT format) to study. I don't need to edit them (and I don't want to accidentally edit them). After opening the file I usually click on the Edit File button to enter read only mode.

Is there a way that I can open the document directly as read only?


EDIT: I'm using Ubuntu, but the files are stored in an NTFS partition, which is mounted as read-write. It would be nice if I can pass a parameter to OpenOffice, and not have to change the files themselves.

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up vote 4 down vote accepted comes with a program called viewdoc that will open any OpenDocument file as read-only. In my installation (3.2.1), however this program is missing.

No matter, though:

/opt/openoffice.org3/program/soffice -view FILE

will do the same thing.

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thanks, this is just what I've been looking for – phunehehe Sep 13 '10 at 4:20

If you set them as "read-only" in through your OS properties, Open Office will also open them in read-only mode.

For Windows, you can right click on your file(s) and choose Properties. Then, enable the "Read-only" checkbox in the Attributes section.

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You could save them as PDFs.

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nice idea, but that's an overkill – phunehehe Sep 14 '10 at 9:38

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