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Possible Duplicate:
Back / Forward mouse buttons do not work in VMWare Workstation 6.5 Guest OS

I have a problem very similar to this but my host system is Win7 and my guest system is OS X 10.6. I already have usb.generic.allowHID = TRUE in my vmx file. I also tried steermouse. USB overdrive crashes for me after installation+restart at the window asking me to configure/buy/try. Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: I think all the buttons "work", but the 4th and 5th (back/forward) buttons are detected as the third button (middle click). When I click the 4th or 5th button in Firefox the auto-scroll action is triggered.

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I either figured it out or found a work-around. This probably only works for a laptop or a computer with two mouse input devices. What I do is power on my virtual guest machine (OSX), connect my usb mouse, a new device (a usb mouse) shows up in the status bar of vmware at the bottom right. Right-click the new device, choose "Connect (disconnect from host)". It then gives me an error saying the host needs the device for input. Then I pull out my mouse, wait 2 seconds, and plug it back in. VMWare will then automatically use the mouse for the guest machine. You will not be able to use it for your host machine, so use your laptop's touchpad for that if you need to access the host. Note: you MUST choose "Connect (disconnect from host)" and get the error first! If you don't do this, VMWare will not automatically connect the mouse to the guest. I tried!

By the way, I also have usb.generic.allowHID = "TRUE" and mouse.vusb.enable = "TRUE" in my .VMX file as well as SteerMouse installed on my Guest machine (OSX). Don't know if these things are important or not.

Hope this helps for people looking for a solution.

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