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=VLOOKUP(B1&A3,'cstmr data'!1:65536,8,FALSE) hi, I am unable to drag this formula to other cells in the same column. I need cell B1 to remain static and cell A3 would correspond to the given row. please advise. thank you very much in advance

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You need to check out absolute references.

Placing a $ before the letter or number in a cell reference stops Excel from changing the reference as you copy the formula. So you need to alter the formula to

=VLOOKUP($B$1&A3,'cstmr data'!1:65536,8,FALSE)
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thanks for answering my question. Your formula format worked for 2 of the formulas, but the other 2 are not outputting data and just outputing the formula, not even with an error. please advise – Nathaniel_613 Sep 13 '10 at 22:57

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