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What are good benchmarking programs for measuring usb stick performances ?

What are the best (free) tools to test the speed of my USB drives? Reading, writing, general characteristics, I'm sure there is quite something to it. Where do I start?

Edit: I mean for Windows.

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IOMeter is the most useful storage performance testing program I've seen for windows systems. It's not "point-and-click" simple, but fairly easy to grasp and fairly flexible as well.

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On Unix, you can use the command dd like so:

time dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/usbdrive/zerofile bs=1024 count=1024

This will write to a file of 1M zeros to the device then return a message telling you the write transfer rate. Switch the terms for if and of to get the read transfer rate. Use varying values for count as desired.

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You should try HD Speed. It's pretty light. ALternatively, you could just copy a large file to and from your USB key and measure how long it takes. Windows Vista and 7 will even tell you how fast its going.

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