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I've a few tables that have % values like -4.5%; -16%; 15%; 6%; 2.5%. I'm interested in creating some in-Cell charts that show positive and negative values.

My smaller values aren't showing up, so I've used some larger %'s to see what happens (See small image). It's only near the 200% and above, or -200% and below that the bar starts to show (the bar is in Column Y2).

alt text.

The formula in the top right cell is below, and this is copied down accordingly (i've left % in the lower rows by accident,but it doesn't change anything...).


And my actual workbook is set up as follows.

alt text

What should I do to this formula to make the lower figures show up? Even if the larger figure shoots of the screen.

Many thanks for your help.


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That's because 100% in Excel is actually 1.0, not 100.0

In most cases here you are telling REPT to repeat something less than once, so it prints nothing.

Instead of dividing by 2 you should be multiplying by (100 / inc) where inc is the percentage points you want per repeated text.

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Changed to W$3*50 and I'm starting to see results. Thanks. – RocketGoal Sep 14 '10 at 10:07

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