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If I go to and then click on "Member Center," Chrome (OSX) shows a skull and crossbones in the URL. Some of the resources are not secure. When I look at the source to the page, most of the scripts have the http: prefix instead of https:... Is MY Chrome broken, or is Chrome broken, or do Google and Apple disagree on what's secure?

I have removed all extensions from Chrome, but the situation is the same.

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It means Apple's page is broken. What you're getting is known as a "mixed content warning". It simply means some of the page's resources weren't loaded via SSL and some were.

It is basically equivalent to this well known IE dialog:

alt text

And this less prominent one you may know from Firefox (padlock):

alt text

This is Chrome's old one, which they've changed because it didn't stand out very well:

alt text

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Nope, not just you, if you double click on the icon, it states:

alt text

Apple are using content from a non encrypted source on the secure page making this error show up.

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Great. I was getting worried. – Dan Rosenstark Sep 14 '10 at 23:43

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