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I have a Windows XP box running a proxy server (Proxy+), and I have a Linux box that connects to the internet through this proxy. I have the Windows box configured to wake on lan by configuring the network card in Device Manager by checking "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby.) I have Standby enabled on Windows, but not Hibernate.

When I start up my browser on the Linux box (Firefox specifically), sometimes the Windows XP box is brought out of standby, sometimes it is not and I have to push the power button to manually bring it out of standby. Sometimes the Windows box will go in standby before the 1 hour of inactivity I specified (on the order of 10-15 minutes).

Are there any other configurations I need to make on the Windows side? Or, is there a way I can guarantee that the Linux machine wakes up the Windows box?

I should note that I have S3 Power management configured in BIOS. Windows Machine is Dell Optiplex 240GX. Linux is Dell Optiplex 270GX running OpenSuSE 11.2. Thanks

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If you want to keep the XP machine with it's standby settings then you will need a Wake up on LAN implementation or an ILO box. not ALL cards are capable of Wak up on LAN and ILO can be costly(very)

You can always disable standby on the XP machine via control panel->power

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Thanks for the link. I believe my machine has WAL enabled, it just behaves inconsistently. – Chance Sep 16 '10 at 13:43

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