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How can I add my browsing history to Windows Search (in Windows 7)? Internet Explorer History is included by default, but I use Firefox or Chrome.

EDIT: If there's no way to do this yet, it should be possible to write something, since there seems to be an API for Windows Search. More detail in the Windows Search Developer's Guide.

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Now that you mention it, it's interesting that any search app in Linux has this function :-/. – digitxp Sep 27 '10 at 11:13

At least as regarding Firefox :

Firefox keeps the history in the database places.sqlite, which is an SQLite database. One would therefore need to write a general filter for SQLite databases for Windows Desktop Search (gigantic project!), or at least a specific one for places.sqlite.

The problem is that the structure of places.sqlite is not quite published. Also, with the rapid development of Firefox, this remains a fast-moving target.

In conclusion: While writing such a filter is certainly possible, the required investment is very large. Also, without frequent updates, the filter will fast become unusable.

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