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I've got a small 14" LCD display on my home server that I keep attached for whenever I want to access the console directly (I usually connect via RDP). This is connected to a box running Windows 2008 R2.

I'd like to keep the LCD on and have it display useful stats - e.g. CPU temp, drive space free, memory/cpu load, pagefile size, incoming/outgoing IO, # of connections, etc etc etc.

Does anyone know of a screensaver or desktop customization app that will give me an aesthetically pleasing display of all this stuff?

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I do not know of a screensaver which would probably be better, but the first thing that comes to mind is Microsoft \ Sysinternals BGinfo.

alt text alt text

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You could take a look at Rainmeter - which is a skinnable and highly customisable application that can show information on your available system resources and battery power as well as the weather and RSS feeds.

example Rainmeter skin (Enigma)

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