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My mac has Control/Alt(Option)/Command, and with synergy, each key maps Control/LWindows/Meta(Alt). I want to change the mapping to Control/Meta(Alt)/LWindows.

Alt(Option) is key key name is written on the keyboard, LWindows is the one that pops up the window menu, Meta(Alt) is the key that I use for emacs for Meta key.

After reading synergy page, I found that

section: screens
        ctrl = alt
        alt = ctrl

is to change the key action for Control/Meta with synergy.

My problem is that it doesn't have the key name for LWindow, as I want to switch Lwindow/Meta(Alt) to Meta(Alt)/LWindow.

I mean I want to what to write for ????

section: screens
        ???? = alt
        alt = ????

Any hints on this?

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I think what you want is: alt = super super = alt

and put them both under your mac screen (screen 2 in this case).

This is because the windows key on windows and the command key on mac map to the concept super.

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Unfortunately, I tried it, but it doesn't work. I guess it might be a bug to be fixed. Thanks for the answer. – prosseek Oct 7 '10 at 19:56

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