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I have recently found NetHogs, a Linux tool for monitoring traffic per process in B/s. But I am looking for something that logs traffic per process in total B uploaded and downloaded. (Example, today Firefox downloaded 50 MB, UbuntuOne downloaded 10 MB and uploaded 20 MB...)

Does such an application exist?

Ideally the tool would be FOSS and cross-platform, but feel free to mention OS-specific solutions (e.g. NetLimiter on Windows, which does a bunch of extra stuff too) in case they'll help someone else.

The tool should perform per process logging, if it can't do this it isn't a suitable solution. (e.g. Wireshark does not seem to be process-aware)

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You can play with this small bash utility. –  Tshepang Feb 4 '11 at 20:27

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"Does such an application exist?"

  • Linux: None found yet
  • Mac: None found yet
  • Windows: NetLimiter (commercial)
  • Cross-platform: None found yet

See other answers for adapting existing tools.

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Sysinternals' TCPView has a per process column for bytes sent/received. It's log can be saved, but may require some workarounds to allow this to be done while it is running.

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