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OpenERP defaults to using the MM/DD/YYYY in the GTK client, but I want to use YYYY-MM-DD. How can I change it?

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As described in this forum thread, the setting is in the user preferences, but it's still a bit buggy (as of OpenERP 5.0.14).

First, an administrator needs to add a new language choice.

  • From the Administration menu, choose Translations: Application Terms: Languages.
  • Click the New button
  • Switch to the form view to see all the extra fields, including date format.
  • Fill in the date format you want, give the language a unique name and code, and check the Translatable check box.
  • Click the save button.

Next, the users have to choose the new language. Either they can do it themselves through the User: Preferences menu item, or an administrator can do it for them through the Administration: Users: Users menu item.

Things that don't work in OpenERP 5.0.14:

  • Changing the date format on the default English language entry. It seems to get ignored, except maybe in reports.
  • Double clicking on a language entry doesn't bring up the form view, and neither does clicking the New button. You have to explicitly click the Form button.
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