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I would like to know if any log file viewer is developed for windows platform , which "updates" the log file instead *refreshing the whole content every time* in the log file all the time.


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There is BareTail, assuming you are basically looking for a Windows tail solution.

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  1. Baretail (mentioned by Rich) is a light-weight solution.

  2. If you are Notepad++ user, you may install Document Monitor plugin to "tail" the file.

If these solutions don't suit your need, you may find many alternatives in a similar question in StackOverflow (How to monitor a text file in realtime).

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The open source program Tail for Win32 would suit you.

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Try ReflectInsight. It does everything you asked for and more.

DISCLAIMER: I'm one of the developers for ReflectInsight.

enter image description here

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