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I'm experiencing three strange problems on OS X (Snow Leopard), which only appear while I am connected to a wireless network over Airport.

  1. The "Security" tab in System Preferences takes about 1 minute to load, and clicking the lock to make changes also results in a long delay. (Eventually, however, everything works.)
  2. I can't start Mathematica 7. The menu bar appears, but no window appears, and clicking on the menu bar results in the beach ball of death.
  3. I can't save certain files in Adobe Illustrator CS 4. (The application hangs, with 0% CPU usage.)

I've tried some of the "usual" fixes, e.g. repairing permissions, and deleting plist's related to Airport. I'd really like to understand what's going on, however!

I suspect that this is in some way related to the firewall, because the Security tab in System Preferences controls the firewall, and often when I used to successfully start Mathematica 7, I would get the standard firewall dialog, asking if I wanted to allow or deny access to the application. I'm not sure what's changed recently, however.

Can anyone diagnose this issue?

Unfortunately I can't try any alternate network connections; there's only one wireless network around here, and I'm on a Macbook Air and don't have the USB dongle to connect to Ethernet.

UPDATE: actually, Mathematica does start: after approximately 5 minutes the usual firewall dialog appears, and after clicking allow there's another, shorter, delay, and then a window opens.

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Does the problem go away if you turn off the personal firewall? Also, what do the various logs (system.log, kernel.log, firewall logs) say when this slowness is going on? – Spiff Sep 16 '10 at 18:29
No, turning off the firewall doesn't help. I haven't seen anything in the logs yet, but I haven't carefully watched them as I reproduce the problems. I'll report back if I do... – Scott Morrison Sep 16 '10 at 18:50

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