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Google Chrome likes to store my usernames, and I'm not sure what other form data. I'm not sure how it works, but it is. (It does ask about passwords and I can tell it not to when it asks.)

How do I stop it from doing so?

I can delete them, choosing "clear form data" but I don't want them saved in the first place.

Is there a setting to tell it not to store form data?

I know there's an incognito window (which I find doesn't store extra data, and no doubt wouldn't store other things) but besides that, is there a way?

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  1. Wrench > Options > Personal Stuff

  2. Click on the AutoFill Options button in the Form autofill section.

  3. Uncheck Enable AutoFill to fill in web forms with a single click.

This should now stop prompting you with previously entered values such as your name or email address when you go fill out a form.

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