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In windows, I would like to use some sort of batch file to unzip files on multiple directory at once.

For example :

Initial directory



The script would run with the Foo as the initial directory and search for the available sub directory and extract all the files on theses directory.

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You want the FOR command with the /R parameter:

FOR /R [[drive:]path] %variable IN (set) DO command [command-parameters]

    Walks the directory tree rooted at [drive:]path, executing the FOR
    statement in each directory of the tree.  If no directory
    specification is specified after /R then the current directory is
    assumed.  If set is just a single period (.) character then it
    will just enumerate the directory tree.

Type help for at the Command Prompt for full details on usage.

And remember, if using variables in a script you need to use %% instead of %.

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Here is how I did it :

@echo off
set path="C:\Program Files\WinRAR\";%path%
for /F %%i in ('dir /s/b *.rar') do call :do_extract "%%i"
goto :eof

echo %1
mkdir %~1.extracted
pushd %~1.extracted
unrar e %1
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