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I have uploaded a folder to my ftp site. Problem is GoDaddy hosting do not allow directory browsing over http.

I would like to give share this folder with 1 person who is not technically inclined.

Is there a program that can scan an ftp folder and generate htttp links for each file - recursive for each sub dir?

I guess I should have zipped the folder before uploading, but since its already uploaded, anything I can do to save face?

Creating a limited ftp account is also not really possible with Who'sYourDaddy - I mean GoDaddy!

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In my experience, people who are "not technically inclined" are not worried about whether the address starts http:// or ftp://.

An ftp:// hyperlink "just works" in (at least) Internet Explorer, and shouldn't cause your user any problems.

You may want to send a link to a (http://) website with a link to the ftp:// address if your user can't be trusted to copy and paste the link into Internet Explorer.

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The FTP Site has no anonymous access on (for good reason). – JL. Sep 17 '10 at 8:09

If you don't mind sending unencrypted passwords, you can build the login into the FTP URL:

Note that some browsers treat such URLs as "dangerous" and won't start them properly.

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Directory Browsing would be ideal, unfortunately GoDaddy doesn't support this.

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