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Other than the top row, which is a header, I'd like one column to always have a default value, ideally added when that row is not empty... so I don't have an infinite number of rows with just the default value.

I couldn't find a way to set default values at all - I do not want the user able to edit this.

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Is this default value the same for every row? Or does it vary based on the contents of the row? – DMA57361 Sep 17 '10 at 9:05

You can fill that column with formula IF(D4="";"";"default value"), assuming you're in row 4 and column D will be filled in later on.


  • If the row 4 is not filled in, then the result is blank so nothing is shown.
  • If the row 4 is filled and the user has entered a value in column D, then your default value is shown.
  • The user can fill in any other value instead of this formula, thereby simply overwriting the formula which isn't needed anymore anyway.
  • You can protect the column if you don't want the user to overwrite your default value.
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