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I want to get the cheap 12 month 6 Mbps DSL deal from AT&T. I don't yet have a DSL modem or wireless router, so I'd like to buy one on my own and avoid the AT&T pricing on those things. Their online chat representative pointed me to this list of compatible modems:

This is a pretty small list. Do I have to go with one of these, or is it possible/likely to get another type to work?

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Can you still get the deal if you don't use their equipment? – Xavierjazz Sep 17 '10 at 14:33
You might want to investigate what their policy is if they can't deliver an actual 6Mbps connection. DSL is kind of hit and miss. Verizon promised me 3 mbps but after installation wouldn't guarantee even 0.75 mbps over my admittedly aged copper. Luckily I was on a 30 day trial period and had not committed to pay so I kept my broadband. – hotei Sep 17 '10 at 14:41

If you don't get recommended hardware, good luck getting ANY support if/when issues arise. I have unfortunately had to deal with a large number of ISP reps in a professional capacity (for my customers at the last job), and they are generally clueless. They have a very strict script they need to follow (reset modem, reset router, etc).

Their logic is designed so that if there is ANY non-standard hardware or software in the system, that must be the issue unless you can conclusively demonstrate otherwise. If you have a self-installed router, or self-installed modem, you will have a lot of hoops to jump through when your connection dies.

Technically other modems should work as well, but be prepared for a hassle if you get one.

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