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I right click on a song, click View metadata, and it says at the top "Metadata for the selected item cannot be edited". I am sharing via samba and have it set to allow anynomous access. Does Songbird not allow this by default for music being streamed to it?

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If you are using Samba to share files in a selected folder check the smb.conf definitions.

Go to "Share Definitions" and before [Printers] check the parameter "writable": if it's set to "no" you cannot edit any file into the shared folder...

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I am using Samba and I found and uncommented the line you mention. I also have a map to user = Bad User and a nobody user with blank pw and nobody group setup. And i chown'd my media directory for that user/group. – Tone Sep 17 '10 at 19:11

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