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I have an Airport Extreme and have ethernet wired through most of my house. I'd like to add another Airport Extreme/Express to parts of the house where the signal is weak. I don't want the network the traffic between the routers to go via wireless, but rather over ethernet. My devices which have an ethernet port are directly wired, but sometimes the iPad/iPhone have a weak signal. All the instructions I've found indicate having the Airports join each other's wireless network. Is it possible to get them to work via ethernet, and not in a double-NAT'd fashion?

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I wouldn't go the WDS route. Just add an airport extreme to any available ethernet port in your home. Configure it as a bridge and "Create a Wireless Network". You can give it the same wireless network name or a different name. Also, don't forget to secure the new network. I give mine different names so I can know which express I'm connected to. You will be on the same subnet and have the ability to continue to share folders, timeCapsule, printers, etc....

Apple makes it easy....

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airport extreme OR express..... – Mao Sep 17 '10 at 19:07

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