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For example - when coding in Perl, I need to sometimes comment out a bunch of lines.

  • What I do is something like

    :80,96 s/^\(.*\)$/#\1/
  • I want to create a custom shortcut for this so that I can do something like

    :80,96 cm

    for commenting and

    :80,96 uc

    for uncommenting.

What should I put in my ~/.vimrc?

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You could define a pair commands, like this:

command -range Cm <line1>,<line2>s/^/#/
command -range Uc <line1>,<line2>s/^#//

Note that a user-defined command must start with an upper-case letter. See

:help :command
:help user-commands

There is also a Vim plugin that many people use for this, Enhanced Commentify, but I don't have any experience with it myself.

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