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I've just attended a huge family gathering, and now an hour after getting home people are texting asking for the photos. The deal is that the images are like ~5mb a piece, so e-mailing people isn't an option.

I have access to a few web servers with plenty of space, but no php or any other server side scripting available. That's why I'm on the hunt for software(preferably opensource) that can generate the album offline, and than just share it for the world to see on my server. Of course I could do this manually, but there are to many images.

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What about using Picasa and creating a web album (1GB limit)?

Anyway I suggest you to batch resize them (just for show'em), 5MB are definitely too much for a screen slideshow.

An excellent tool for do that is (IMO) ImageMagick you can find plenty of howtos around, but here's a sample:

for f in *.jpg ; do
  n=`printf '%08d' $i`
  convert $f -thumbnail 1000x1000 out/p$n.jpg
  convert $f -thumbnail 150x150^ -gravity center -extent 150x150 out/_p$n.jpg

It creates both big pictures (max 1000x1000) and thumbnails (150x150) in the directory ./out/. All that you have to do now is create an index.html file:

cd out/
for f in p* ; do
  echo "<a href='$f'><img src='_$f'></a>"
done > index.html

Here we go, just move the content of the ./out/ directory to somewhere in your server.

Note: It isn't the best solution to your problem, it's just a quick draft, but I think it's useful knowing such tools.

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You can use one of these (all open source):

Some of these are mentioned in this comparison.

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Finally found one properly maintained and with a following (Python-based): – lkraav Jun 29 '13 at 12:30
llgal is exactly what I was looking for! you can even >> sudo apt-get install llgal – Greg Miernicki Jun 22 '14 at 1:10
I was having a lot of issues trying to istall Sigal on Ubuntu 12.10. On the other hand llgal worked great. – Sridhar-Sarnobat Aug 14 '15 at 19:17

You can also use Picasa to generate static html files for display on the web, just goto Folder->Export as html page. From there you can choose a template and resize the images should you wish to.

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It seems that it's a bitch to get picasa working on 64-bit linux.(Arch). – Algific Sep 18 '10 at 19:52

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