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Most Windows computers have a Common Files folder inside of Program Files. What is its purpose?

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Google is your friend here

That said, I feel that folder exists mostly because MS wanted a place for its own libs shared among many programs - although it doesn't seem to get used by MS very much either!
In practice, few applications use it.

Maybe it is a requirement for an application desiring to obtain a "Designed for XP/Vista/nnn" logo(?) that it should use that folder to store files that are common within the application (this is speculation on my part - so don't take my word for it!).

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  • The Folder "Common Files" holds Common Folders and files of different softwares.

  • These files are shared files so that other softwares/programs can use these files and its functions.

  • Majority of the programs put their common files under one folder called "Common Files"

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