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Hey,guys!!!i have one quick question about my iphone contact backup ...

I have an iphone that has all my contacts stored in it.... (phone numbers, email, addresses, etc...) and I recently bought an new computer, but I don't have any of this information stored in it.

My question is, how can I sync my iphone with to my PC without erasing the info in the iphone. I don't want my system to think that since the PC is empty it should erase every contact in the iphone. I just want to transfer everything from iphone and have a copy on PC,especially the contacts.

Appreciated your early reply.

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Not off topic as it is a question about syncing with a computer. – BloodPhilia Sep 19 '10 at 12:07

An iPhone can only be synced with one pc by default. However there are several howto's available on how to sync with multiple PC's by changing the library/iTunes persistent ID to match the one previously used to sync with the first computer. I've listed some below.

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