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I ran HDTunePRO today and saw that my disk has a Current Pending Sector warning:


I read in wikipedia that the lower this attribute is the better and that it is a "Potential indicator of imminent electromechanical failure".

Should I be alarmed?

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If you have a recent backup, you don't have that much to worry about. – Toon Krijthe Sep 20 '10 at 13:24

It sounds like the hard drive thinks two sectors are marginal but your reallocated sector count is zero so it looks like the two make get reallocated.

I like how wikipedia explains the two SMART parameters.

Also, keep in mind all drives will fail, so only backup the data you want to keep.

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Make sure you have good current backups, just in case :-)

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Its common to have couple of sectors in current pending sector list - as long as the count doesn't increase rapidly in the new few days you should be fine

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