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Is it possible to have computers remotely connect and backup to a Windows Home Server? I have 3 machines for which the initial backup would be done locally but then they will be remote for most of the time.

I have another 3 machines that will remain local to where the server is planned to be.

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Yes, using a VPN. I like hardware VPNs, but you could try something like Hamachi2. If WHS and the remote clients were on the same VPN it may work. There could be a problem with WHS's firewall because it is configured to restrict connections to the local subnet. WHS may not count Hamachi2's subnet as local, but this can be reconfigured. This post should get you in the right area.

If you go with a hardware VPN, you could use something similar to Netgear ProSafe Firewall/VPN appliances.

Hope this helps.

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