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How can I scroll horizontally in Excel 2003 using the mouse wheel with the keyboard? Operating system is Windows XP.

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how about "SCROLL LOCK" on, and then ARROWS? –  wilson Sep 21 '10 at 2:46
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If you press down the scroll wheel on most mice, that shows a centre point on screen and then as you move the mouse left / right / up / down it scrolls away from that point. Move further away to scroll faster.

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If this is a laptop, take a look at mouse properties. There is usually an option that allows you to configure horizontal scrolling:

alt text

If this is a desktop, I am sure someone could write some sort of AHK script that when you hold down a key and use the scroll, it does horizontal scroll but by far the easiest way, purchase a new mouse, many have an extra axis that allows you to "tilt" the scroll wheel. I think this is called 3D scroll, they are usually available from mice costing around £15 and up.

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