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What is a very simple to hack up IDE to get automplete/intellisense for my own language and syntax highlighting? The output will be for .NET and maybe in C++

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The answer I gave below doesn't asses one issue though, why do you want to do all that work when Visual Studio already does it? – MaQleod Sep 21 '10 at 1:24
Getting visual studio to do autocomplete in a custom language seems difficult. So i am trying to find an easier solution – acidzombie24 Sep 21 '10 at 1:38

Scite or Notepad++ would probably be the best options for doing it yourself.

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try Geany

share|improve this answer making new language bundles for e (and Textmate, which e is based on and the bundles are compatible with both) is fairly simple and extremely well documented.

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I'm not clear about the "my own language" and "output will be .Net and maybe in C++". The own language part there are many editors like UltraEdit and the like. When you add .Net it make me think you want to use Visual Studio Shell to make your own IDE.

That said, some editors do give you "F5" build experience by calling into the command line build engine.

Hope this helps.

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