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The size info in default windows explorer is not accurate, for example, a .txt with a single character is 1 KB.

How can I get the exact file size in Byte(not the default KB)?

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If you right click on the file, select Properties and look at the Size (not Size on Disk), it will show you the exact size as 1 Byte.

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I see it now,but where's the file name restored? – win Sep 22 '10 at 8:59
@win The name of the file, along with most other meta-data, is kept in the Master File Table. – DMA57361 Sep 22 '10 at 9:01
You can also use MS-DOS command to view the exact sizes. Open command line window (Start > Run and type cmd.exe and hit Enter), navigate to the folder your file resides in and type dir. You will see 1 next to your text file which is displayed in Bytes. – Mehper C. Palavuzlar Sep 22 '10 at 9:01
Where's the Master File Table located? – win Sep 22 '10 at 9:02
@win - The file name is not a property of the file. It's a property of the filesystem. – Nifle Sep 22 '10 at 9:12

Hit Alt + Enter to show Properties (or right-click). Look at values of Size: and Size on disk:

Also Details tab of Properties provides this info.

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It seems file name is not included in Size,then where is it restored? – win Sep 22 '10 at 8:59
All file metadata (some of which you can see in file properties) including file name are handled by your filesystem (NTFS, FAT32). – Casual Coder Sep 22 '10 at 9:13

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