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How would one (download and) convert HTML-structures into EPUB (or any other format suitable for the Sony PRS-505 reader)?

My question is not how to convert a single HTML file into an EPUB file, as this is easy; what I mean is, I have some books I want to read on my Sony PRS-505 and these books are most often online in HTML format but withmany interlinked pages and there is one page with the list of contents, like this example

... or sometimes it's a little bit more complicated as the list of contents only lists the chapters, and inside the chapters there are links to sub-chapters, like in this example: (I can only post 1 hyperlink now b/c of user restriction, so this is why there is SLASHSLASH instead of //)

I want to convert these examples and several others, with correct chapters, images and some acceptable formatting etc, so basically I want to make a proper ebook out of the HTML-tree.

What is the easiest way?

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I use wget to recursively download websites (normally online html manuals) then once I have the html all in a folder I convert to the format of my choice using Calibre.

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+1 for Calibre. For common websites, they may already have a filter to download the website to ePub. – Rich Homolka Jun 21 '11 at 15:39
Twice I've tried Calibre but each time it went directly to the trash can because of it's unfriendly UI. Is there something else that can be used? – rraallvv Mar 24 at 14:47

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