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I want to convert a DVD which has many VOB files into a single playable AVI file on my computer. I can convert each individual VOB file to an AVI but is there some way to convert all of them into a single AVI file.

Any ideas?

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Thanks for the replies

I used the free Format Factory which works very nicely.

Avidemux looks interesting and is also free whilst MS Expression Encoder is not free.

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Try Avidemux

When you open the first VOB, it asks you if you want to combine it with the others available. Therefore the VOBs have to be in the same folder.

After that you can export the whole thing to AVI.

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Thanks for the reply i'll give that a go – Paul Sep 24 '10 at 11:36

... or if you are using Windows, you can do VOB to AVI conversions using Expression Encoder.

Haven't tried combining AVI files, but you should be able to by dragging them to the Timeline, and encoding as an AVI

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If you're willing to pay the 20 bucks, DIVX PRO has a great high quality (up to 1080p) conversion software of multiple video file types, including VOB files.

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