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I am using Word 2007 and am trying to use the combo:

Ctrl + mouse scroll

To zoom in and out of the doc.

This function works fine in other programs (like google-chrome)

Is there a place to fix this ?

edit: I found out that when I scroll the mouse FAST the desired effect happens. I would like it to also work with slower scrolling. The thing is also that on any other program - the scrolling acts as normal. (so this is not a system wide preference)

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Whats it do when you try? It works fine for me with no tweaks. – JNK Sep 22 '10 at 13:43

The following solution (from this blog post) worked for me:

I am using Microsoft Mobile Mouse 6000 and the zoom function (by using CTRL + Scroll) did not work normally. What I did to overcome this problem is:

  • Open Control Panel -> Mouse
  • Select Wheel tab, then select Identify programs that don't scroll correctly... -> Click Add -> Browse for Microsoft Word -> Click OK -> OK.
  • Now, come back to Ms Word, it will work perfectly.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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This should work in Word.

I suggest that you run Windows Update and look for any hardware updates as regarding the mouse.

If you are using IntelliPoint, get the latest drivers.

If nothing helps, please add to your post your computer model, mouse model, Windows version and mouse software (if you have installed any).

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