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We always use Photoshop to make CSS Html pages and all articles on net are available as PSD 2 XHTML conversion. Why we use Photoshop, because of slicing tool and when we cut design into slices it's not a matter file is layered or not. We just draw boxes on file surface so it's like jpg to html.

I want to know is there any other free or OpenSoucre tool or any online free tool to make design and slices.

I've tried GIMP, Paint.net and many online services yet but haven't found a alternate solution.

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The GNU Image Manipulation Program is extremely awesome, and a perfectly adequate Photoshop simulator for slicing images. There are ways to make it even more Photoshop-y if you want.

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To state the obvious, have you tried GIMP? It's the closest general-purpose free/open source equivalent to Photoshop, though I'm not sure if it includes the functionality you want.

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GIMP as of version 2.6.12 on Linux Ubuntu does have this feature. Maybe you couldn't locate it. It's in menu "Filters > Web > Slice". See below image for the options it offers.

Slice options in GIMP

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