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I've been experiencing odd behavior when using Google Chrome on Windows lately

I use two languages when I'm typing, English and Arabic

when I press shift+Alt to switch to Arabic ,the textbox loses its focus and I have to click on the textbox again to continue writing

is this a bug,or an unknown feature of Google Chrome?

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Issue 45091: Keyboard language shift is broken with chrome + flash objects says:

it only happen at first time when user hold Shift key first then press Alt key once. if I hold on Alt and press Shift key, or try to press both keys at same time, this issue does not occur.

I have finally reproduced this issue today and investigated it. In brief, this issue is caused by our WindowWin class that consumes the first Shift+Alt key event (which raises a WM_SYSCOMMAND message) to set the menu focus to the wrench icon and does not dispatch it to the plugin.

I don't know if this known problem is the one you are encountering, but you might try pressing Alt before also pressing Shift.

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this issue isn't exactly what I'm talking about,but pressing ALT really works!,thanks a lot – Mahmoud Hossam Sep 22 '10 at 16:49

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