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How to do comparison among 8 columns of data with one another? I have to compare every column with every other column. Also i need to know : what is missing in one column and present in another and vice versa.

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What kind of comparison? What does your data look like? We really need a lot more information. – Dennis Williamson Sep 23 '10 at 11:26

If you're using Excel or some spreadsheet, sort the items in the same order and use your eyes. If an item doesn't exist in a column, add a blank entry to the others to keep everything lined up. It's slow and a pain, but it works.

Sort each column of data in the same order, then extract each to a separate file in Excel or a text file, or some common format. Use an application such as BeyondCompare to compare two files at a time. It will show mismatches between the two. I don't think it can do more than two at a time, however. It's not slow and usually works very nicely.

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