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Can any body tell me whether Firefox creates a new thread per tab?

Thread per instance of Firefox?

And, what is the maximum number of threads limit for Firefox?

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Data point: Firefox with eight tabs (one window) on my Mac has 18 threads now. Opened four more tabs, number of threads actually decreased to 17. – Thilo Sep 23 '10 at 12:24

I don't think there is a relationship to threads to tabs. Firefox most likely uses a thread pool to load a web page then returns the thread to the pool once the page is loaded. Extra elements like animated gifs and plugins like Flash probably require a couple dedicated threads while the page is open (or perhaps, only if the tab is in focus).

Chrome is one process per tab/plugin, which means you can specifically kill the process if a tab acts up. Processes are different from threads, since each process can contain many threads themselves.

The best place to learn more about this would be on the Mozilla development forums. But for the sake of simplicity, there is no way to "kill" a thread if a tab acts up, like Thilo said, this virtue is reserved for Google's Chrome.

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For sure not thread per tab, that is one of Chrome virtues.

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I thought Chrome's virtue was one process per tab. – Thilo Sep 23 '10 at 12:21

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