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I downloaded the DejaVu font, and installing the TrueType (.ttf) files to C:\WINDOWS\Fonts enabled me to use them in EmEditor.

How can I make Vim and Emacs to use this font as the default?

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The Windows version of VIM that I am using is the Win-32 console and OLE GVIM flavor. Assuming you took the defaults during the installation of the program, you will find the VIM init file in the %DRIVE%\Program Files\Vim called _vimrc. Edit this file and add a line that looks like the following:

set guifont=Lucida_Console:h10

This will use the Lucida Console font in size 10 regular. You can use other fonts, sizes and settings. The syntax is basically:

set guifont=font-family:size:style



(set-default-font "XLFD")

in your .emacs file where XLFD is the X Logical Font Description. How to get that is described here:

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