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Is there anything I can call from the command line which will tell me if the currently logged in user has a limited account or is an admin?

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With the default command tools (no third party downloads) you can use the net command.

%username% will have the username of the current logged on user, so I would use:

net user "%username%"

To display information about the current logged on user. The last section of this shows:

Local Group Memberships      *Administrators       *HelpLibraryUpdaters
Global Group memberships     *None

Hope this helps

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Don't forget to add the domain first if your in a domain – r0ca Sep 23 '10 at 16:31

What I do most of the time is in the command prompt:

compmgmt.msc /computer=Computer_name

Then, I check in the user/admin groups

You can also check with the PSTools. There is a lot you can do remotely within a domain with this!

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