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Possible Duplicate:
Is it possible with Google searches to ban any and all results from a domain?

When searching google a few sites constantly show up in my search results. However, these sites are never relevant to me. Is there a way to blacklist sites by domain, regular expression or other method? Preferably I would like to do this prior to any searching and not in the search string each time I need to Google something.

Each time I come across a new site that is spammy or otherwise not relevant I would like to be able to easily add it to the blacklist.

I use a mixture of Google Chrome and FireFox on MacOSX Snow Leopard. I am not opposed to using plugins if there aren't any settings that can be applied to the Google search engine itself.

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I found a way to completely remove sites from google search results, via a page on Google itself. You must have a google account for it to work: – John Kramlich Apr 4 '11 at 22:09
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Grease Monkey for Firefox is going to be the best place to start, as partially documented here. This is where you can find how to get those scripts running under Chrome.

Unfortunately, Google changed how they format the results page, and it broke a bunch of scripts, and I haven't seen any that now work.

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