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I just bought and installed Acronis True Image 2011 (I downloaded the new version using the installer). When I boot into Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit after installing it, the login runs very slowly, (I move the mouse and several seconds later the pointer moves).

When I finally do login, my CPU monitor on the desktop gadget reads 100% and I get about the same slow mouse movement.

Is there some setting I need to change? I have a 2.0GHz Dual Core Intel with 4GB of RAM.

Okay, I turned off the Non-Stop-Backup service and now my computer seems to run faster than it did. Is the non-stop backup service even important, or can I just make backups when I need to instead?

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(All I was really going for here was speedier backups anyway.) – leeand00 Sep 23 '10 at 19:16
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Non stop backup is a feature rather than a necessity, you can disable it and do manual backups.

Here is the user guide

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Thanks chief I'll take a stab at the guide there. – leeand00 Sep 23 '10 at 20:22

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