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Me and my colleagues are constantly facing one problem, which I don't see a solution for yet. I hope you can advice me a good one. Let's say, we have a manual or a text-book, which should be both printable, and viewed offline. As I understand, PDF-file is the best what we can have, and PDF bookmarks is one of the things which we definitely must have. Additionally, we would like to put the information on a website, so users can google it, comment some pages, or even modify if is a wiki. Basically, we want all benefits of Web2.0 + making a nice PDF (or may be other format giving similar features). What would you use to meet these objectives?

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Have you looked into the latex2html conversions? LaTeX usually makes the nicest publication quality documents. But if you want web-usage also maybe docbook would meet both requirements. The hg manual is an Example with source. – glallen May 30 '12 at 19:19

You need mediawiki - MediaWiki is the engine running Wikipedia

Example, see wikipedia, look up Sailing

In the left menu there is a menu item that says Print/Export, click that and Create a Book, this works with many (if not all) mediawiki articles.

Good Luck!

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This looks really great! However, I would rather prefer to compile PDF/HTML from sources, e.g. LaTeX. – Andrei Sep 29 '10 at 22:04

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