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I use notepad and often open multiple instances of it. Is there a way to close all instances of it in a single click ?

Closing them one at a is a real pain.

( I do not like to use notepad++ )

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You can create a shortcut with command

taskkill.exe /im notepad.exe
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If you have the "Group similar task bar buttons" option (Start > Properties > Taskbar) checked, then you should be able to right click on the Notepad group in the taskbar and close all instances of the application.

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In Windows XP you can Ctrl-click to select multiple items on the taskbar as well. –  heavyd Sep 24 '10 at 17:05

If you would like to prevent the prompting:

taskkill.exe /F /im notepad.exe
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Settings -> Preferences -> MISC. There find the option called "Remember current session for next launch" and uncheck it.

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Either this answer is not clear or it isn't intented for this question. –  RogUE Jun 16 at 13:35

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